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Quality engineering, durable and reliable access to your mezzanine floors

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Quality engineering, durable and reliable access to your mezzanine floors

Our industrial mezzanine goods lifts are engineered for heavy-duty operations in your warehouses or factories, with a 1.5-tonne SWL and IP65 rated electrics. Durable and dependable, our lifts support a diverse range of industrial applications, reliably servicing boat parts, car parts, tools, paints, train refurbishment, aircraft tyres, electrical components, photocopiers…

All of our industrial mezzanine lifts are fitted with 3-phase power packs for continuous usage and backed up with 24/7 after sales support. HMI touch screens on all of our latest lifts provide you with a rapid fault-finding capability to ensure minimal downtime.


The lift gates can be reinforced and additional floor-mounted impact-prevention systems added to protect your lift from forklift collisions in busy warehouse environments. Or, if space is restricted at your site, we can offer you a run-through capability, with access from one side of the lift shaft to the other.

two mezzanine goods lifts

Transdek provided a quality and cost-effective solution from conception to implementation. The lift installation was scheduled around our busy working environment and was completed out of normal working hours. The installation team were efficient, professional and hard working. With our exciting growth plans I’m sure we will be doing business with the Transdek team again soon

NHS Supply Chain | Industrial

Working with Transdek was more like a partnership than anything else. The project management was seamless and Transdek’s team worked exceptionally well alongside Wabtec engineers to ensure the installation went smoothly

Wabtec | Industrial

We chose Transdek because they were able to provide us with the exact product that we needed at a competitive price. Their 1.5-day install time was also a deciding factor, so that we would not lose productivity at the busy DC. They delivered everything as promised, and we’ve been very happy with the reliability of the finished product.

DHL | Industrial

Man loading a goods lifts

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